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anLBM April 2, 2013 11:43

workbench FSI -CFX Simulations
I am trying to simulate a rotating propeller immersed in water using two-ways coupling FSI by means of Ansys Workbench. Since I am sincerely newbie without experience with Workbench, could somebody give me an advice which systems should I couple (Transient structure + CFX or multibody dynamics + CFX). The idea is to observe the different streamlines produced by the rotating propeller. The case seems to be not that difficult buy I haven't found any good tutorial.

I will really appreaciate your help!!

dklastiwka April 20, 2013 10:30

You want transient structural. Set up the FEA case with FSI boundaries and write the case file. You can then open this case file is CFX pre and assign the FSI boundaries. I think ansys has a tutorial if you have access to there customer portal.

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