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K-Dub April 5, 2013 09:40

/nerr command doesn't work
Hey everyone,

I'm doing a FSI-run and need the /nerr command to prevent ANSYS from stopping at 10000 warnings. My command line is as follows

/NERR,200,99999999, ,0,0

I already checked but couldn't find anything wrong with my command line. Does anyone have an idea of how to solve this?


sutiut August 24, 2013 15:21

the same problem
Hi dear

i have the same problem as you and also in FSI case.

Could you solve yor problem?? how???

thanks a lot.

sutiut August 26, 2013 07:53

I found that my problem is due to FSI case and i should change my ".mf " input file.
So I have put " /NERR,,99999999," command in the first line (after " /batch " command) of " " ( Ansys multi field file) and my problem SOLVED.

If anybody wants details of my procedure for solving this problem, contact with me via my CFD-Online email.

dns January 6, 2015 22:11

Hi sutiut.
when did you generate the ".mf" file? I found that when I stop the Ansys at one time step, the result will exist the .mf file ,rather than at the beginning! Do you mean if we get the error ,then we modified the .mf file. I hava also checked that the Ansys 9.0 have the Message-Ctrl,then you can input the /NERR command,but Ansys15.0 seems do not have the path to execute the /NERR command?? Do you guys have any ideas?

sutiut January 7, 2015 05:20

Comlete Hint
there is a hint from "" website for complete setup of FSI, with this topic:

How do I solve a steady-state FSI case and then restart this as a transient case?

you can search and find it in Google so easy. :)

dns January 8, 2015 06:26

Hi sutiut,
I have receive you reply about the FSI's /NERR error. And I am interested in the method to figure out. Can you share me the movie you make?
My email address:
Thank you very much

dns January 9, 2015 12:34

Hi sutiut,
I had tried to stop the simulation after 2 time step .And then modified the *.mf to insert the "/NERR,,10000000," . 10000000 means the biggest warning times. Finally I restart the simulation ,the simulation will stop after 10000 time step. The error message in the Ansys.err is:
" The number of ERROR and WARNING messages exceeds 10000(the default biggest warning times).
Use the /NERR command to increase the number of messages.
The ANSYS run is terminated by this error.

It means that "/NERR,,10000000," statement in the file means nothing .
Do you have any ideas?

sutiut January 10, 2015 15:44

try for "/NERR,,99999999," it is the biggest.
note that you should insert it under "/batch" line.
also note that you should define this .mf file as your ansys imput file for multifiled simulation.

good luck.

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