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pancho April 8, 2013 10:37

CFD-Post/Include an animation in post processing

I will wish to include an animation in my simulation. I realize unsteady simulation of an electric arc and I would join in the display the current evolution in my simulation.
In the picture you can see a point that moves in a sine wave: this is the evolution of my current. I have a file for each time step, the corresponding intensity. If in addition to my geometry in my animation, i can add the corresponding intensity that would be great!

Someone to help me?

pancho April 9, 2013 05:07

Sorry for my english, i m not fluent in it.
i want to add the current evolution on a graph in the display. This graph is a sine wave for a AC current. If you want more infos, ask me! Fluent doesn't permit to do that and i hope CFD-Post permit it!

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