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Liujia Dong April 8, 2013 14:58

Porous Media
Hi there,

I'm working for a simple porous media project. The geometry includes four layers porous media(40X20X5mm for each), and I have a heater on the top surface.

For one case, I use four different permeability for four layers to help cooling the heater. For other one, I use the same permeability to help cooling the heater. I want to compare two case. I also define air inlet as m=0.002 KG/s. But I got the same temperature after calculation, I am so confused about it. The details as blow:

Heat flux= 3.75 e5 W/M2
Porosity is 0.5 for both two cases

For same permeability:
inertial resistance is 5000
viscous resistance is 27.5

For different permeability:
The nearest layer from heater inertial resistance is 5e7 and viscous resistance is 2750.
The next layer inertial resistance is 5e5 and viscous resistance is 275
The third layer inertial resistance is 5e3 and viscous resistance is 27.5
The last layer inertial resistance is 50 and viscous resistance is 2.75

I really dont know how to solve this problem.

Thank you a lot.

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