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Maralady April 22, 2013 16:40

Question about the Twin Screw Pump
Hello, I am doing some research about the Twin Screw Pumps and I would like to know if CFX or FLUENT are programs that will help me with the analysis of this research, I would like to study the flow that goes trough the pump but I really do not know if those programs will be able to help me. I am asking this because I have seen some papers where some people prefer to create a program instead of using one that already exist, I do not know if they do this because they want to, because they do not have the access to Ansys or because they prefer to create their own code. Please any help/advice will be more than appreciated.


dklastiwka April 22, 2013 23:58

What is the fluid media? Liquid or Gas?

Maralady April 23, 2013 04:46

It will be water, so far liquid water in a laminar state, if everything goes right and i have the time MAYBE and just maybe i can try with liquid water with turbulence, then if somehow i can do all this that i said before in less than 3 weeks then MAYBE i will try to simulate water liquid/gas (with different gas %) but i see that last option very hard to be. So my answer would be: Water, Liquid Water in a Laminar state and MAYBE with some turbulence if everything goes right with the first model. I hope this is enough information and thanks for your reply

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