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jmjohansen April 26, 2013 12:08

CFD work flow

I have a general question regarding work flow:

I am using ANSYS Workbench, all the way from DM to CFD Post. Using FLUENT as the solver.

I am interested in constructing a work flow to minimize the risk of messing up files, overwriting existing results, being able to correct parameters e.g. in geometry, mesh, or solver setup while still transferring data through workbench. While running simulations I want to be able to store intermediate results, e.g. converged cold flows, or results from parameter studies, in an organized and logical order.

I find the ANSYS autosave functions a bit messy. Strange files appears in strange locations at strange times.
Is there a inherent log or simulation journal in workbench?

Just pitch in with how you are organizing your simulation matrix.
right now, I am manually exporting case and data files to a separate folder system, writing down all relevant information in a journal, just as I would in a lab - but that kind of ruins the idea of workbench being able to manage files across cases and softwares.

Thank you,


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