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Bin April 30, 2013 01:27

Comment on distillation model
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Hi all,

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I had create the model for my distillation column, i'm doing horizontal distillation. At this moment I am trying to separate ethane+water mixture to try out the model. This is my Fluent Setups:

Transient, gravity in -9.81m/2 in y-direction

Multiphase - default VOF
Energy - on
Species - Species Transport (Is this correct? i'm using this to create ethan+water mixture)

I created an ethane+water (H2O(l)) mixture

Phase 1 - air (since originally the distillation column is filled with air)
Phase 2 - Ethane+water mixture

Boundary Condition:
Inlet(Velocity Inlet) - mixture: 300K(Thermal tab); 0.15m/s z-direction
phase 2: C6h6 mass fraction = 0.5 (is this means half of the contain of the input fluid is ethane?); Volume fraction = 1
Outlet (Pressure outlet) - default

Bottom wall - Thermal Condition Temperature - 370K (Slightly lower than 370K)

Solution Method & Control:
Default (Still do not know what changes can be made at this moment)

Surface Monitor - Mass weighted average - temperature - static
Surface Monitor - Mass weighted average - Species - mass fraction of c6h6

And 1 problem, after i run the simulation, the result shown is at time = 0.000e0. How to show the result after some interval?? How to check the volume fraction or mass fraction using contour?

Thanks for all the helps


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