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bramv101 May 3, 2013 06:03

Adjoint - topology optimization - custom control volume

I would like to optimize the pressure loss of a duct through morphing its topology.
Is there a way i can use the adjoint solver in combination with a custom control volume?
Or is adjoint not even the way to go?

bramv101 May 16, 2013 07:25

Nobody an answer on this one?

revilo82 May 17, 2013 01:55

Hi bramv101,

you can do topo optimization with Fluent Adjoint Solver:

1. CFD & AS run
2. Find relevant min/max values for the 'Adjoint Flow Blockage' by Contour Plot and mouse probe
3. Mark the cells with ADAPT/ISO VALUE by using 'Adjoint Flow Blockage' variable
4. If you cannot mark the cells (zero cells marked) use the following Scheme command: (%free-parents)
5. Visualize the marked cells (Adapt Manager)
6. Separate marked cells by MESH/SEPARATE/CELLS
7. Delete the new cell zone(s) by MESH/ZONE/DELETE

You can only create the parallelepiped control volume. For topo optimization you don't need this feature.

bramv101 May 27, 2013 06:07


correct me if i understood wrong:
1. import my dimension envelope
2. run cfd+as
3. find my min-max values (is this determined on gut feeling?)
4. select all cells that i want to see removed (based on min/max values)
5. remove cells and rerun on newly formed domain
6. optional: export this new domain as guideline for the CAD designers

honestly I have no clue on how to actually do step 3+4+5?
Would you see it possible to get me some screenshots?

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