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Hamjaj May 10, 2013 11:26

Sustained thermal stresses from FSI analysis
Hi all!:)

Im currently working on a project where im want to analyze sustained thermal stresses that occur when cooling a hot load (in 2D). I have modeled the load in Fluent (v.14.5) where the load (1500 K) is cooled by natural convection in molten salt (500 K). I have exported the results using a Marco in CFD post called "FSI trainsient export surface". I then import the results in Structual (v.14.5) using a FSI extension.
The analysis works great as i can see the thermal stresses in all the loaded time steps. But what i want to know is if whatever there will be any sustained thermal stresses in the load due to plasticization during the cooling process.
Im pretty sure that plasticization will occur in the begining of the cooling process when the temperature gradients in the load are largest, (if there will be any at all that is). So it would be unnecessary to simulate the whole cooling process if it could be avoided.
But the thing is i dont tell how much of the stress that is the sustained stress (due to the plasticization) from the momentainious thermal stress (in that time step). So i wonder if anyone know if there is a way to take away/withdraw the thermal stresses so i can see the sustained stresses without having to simulate the whole cooling process?

Im sorry for the messy explination of my prob. Im slightly new on the subject.

Thx. in advance. :)

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