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No|Yes May 12, 2013 11:18

ANSYS Workbench and Maxwell
I have a project of Maxwell. I want to import it to Workbench. But my Workbench v14 somehow doesn't support mxwl. I have seen many tutorial, they said simply using "FIle/import/ *.mxwl" but it didn't work on me. As you see, mxwl doesn't show on list:

Do you know why? Did I miss something?
Are there any other way to link Maxwell to WorkBench? Thanks

No|Yes May 24, 2013 00:35

OK> I gave up on it. Now I try to use Thermal-Electric to analyse a coil when we have 10A current which run through it. But it always show this error:

"The analysis is not valid with the current geometry."

Maybe because I didn't know how to chose geometry??

This is my geometry

flotus1 May 27, 2013 11:48

Not an expert in this kind of analysis. But yout problem appears to be under-constrained with only 1 potential (voltage).
That is why there is a question mark next to "steady state thermal electric conduction"
Try adding a second potential to the opposing face.

No|Yes May 27, 2013 13:34

Anyway,for the first post. I solved it.
You need install ANSYS 13 first, then install Mawell 14 (or ANSYS 14.5 and Maxwell 16). In process of installing Maxwell, you have a option that connect ANSYS and Maxwell.

amir_aj67 March 28, 2014 11:54

DO you know how I can connect Maxwell 16 to Ansys 15?
is there anyway that i can use Maxwell 16 in Ansys 15 workbench? it just does not appear as an option in the toolbox!

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