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ziggo May 20, 2013 06:47

CFD-Post: lock camera position and zoom
Is there any way to edit and lock the camera position and zoom level?
This would allow me to reproduce the same viewpoint across different CFD-post windows.

mjgraf May 22, 2013 18:16

do you mean different instances of CFDpost? or the same instance and needing to adjust what is shown and take another picture?

same instance, create a figure, no need to create copies of the object.
double click on the figure after it is created and setup the view as you like.
the settings are saved now. Go back to view 1, right click the view copy camera from Figure ....

in some ccl there is a way to setup and propagate camera views but I dont recall the code at the moment.
Also keep in mind how you generate the hardcopy, fixed sized or viewer scale.

One comment I have is that the imaging in CFDpost just takes getting used to, especially if you have one viewer window size and your hardcopy dimensions are not the same aspect as this viewer window. You can get undesired results.

ziggo May 23, 2013 06:22

Thank your for the reply.

I meant both for one instance and for different instances. Will try out the figure method, sounds good.

Is there also a way to setup the camera position in the xyz-coordinate system? Such that I can input exact values of xyz and rotation?

granzoporo December 4, 2013 08:10

Viewpoint and zoom script
This script works for me:
(you run it from the command window in the CFD-post)

VIEW:View 1
Angular Coord Shift = 0.0
Auto Center = false
Axis Visibility = true
Border Visibility = false
Camera Mode = User Specified
Clip Scene = false
Coord Transform = Cartesian
Hide Difference Case = false
Highlight Type = Surface Mesh
Is A Figure = false
Projection = Orthographic
Ruler Visibility = true
Standard View = Isometric Y
Option = Pivot Point and Quaternion
Pan = 0,0
Pivot Point = 0.332,-0.518,0
Rotation = 0, 0, 0
Rotation Quaternion = 0,0,0,0
Scale = 7
Send To Viewer = True

Pivot Point = center
Scale = zoom
Rotation and rotation quaternion define somehow (???) the orientation

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