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janko-hrasko June 5, 2013 09:52

runing Workbench from *bat file
Hi to all,

I am working on compressor analysis using Ansys products. There will also be a FSI part of the simulation, where I need to do some steps in meshing, wb, cfx pre and finally launch solver. This could all be done from command line, but there will be several loops and to make it easier I am trying to develop *BAT file with all neccessary commands. I can run Icem, cfxPre, cfxSolve, everything is working good, but when executing workbench:

runwb2.bat -B -F c:\Users\termo\Desktop\CFD_training\SVS\TEST_3\wb_ mechanical.wbpj -R C:\Users\termo\Desktop\CFD_training\SVS\TEST_3\wb_ script\mechanical_update.wbjn

the whole process (or submiting other commands) unexpectedly stops. Does somebody know the reason for that?


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