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Paolo Palari June 10, 2013 06:38

Ansys nonlinear concrete and frp rod
Dear Friends

I am a student before Taking up Master degree Thesis
I have problem with creating parameters of Concrete and FRP ribbed bar (reinforcement) i have to simulate in ANSYS Workbench pull off test. It is simple test in which FRP bar is located in centre of Concrete CUBE embedement lenght is 5 fi of the bar. I need to put force on the end of the barand block the support. I should create Drucker Prager concrete model wherecrushing and cracking occurs and material destroys, and also account FRP anisotropic properties. For example CFRP. As a result i need nonlinear graph sigma-epsilon.

It is my master degree Thesis, i need help as fast as possible. Also having problem with body contact. Using bonded the force is not distibuted on entire surface of the Bar. Using Rough to large displacement.

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