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sarsam.9296 June 11, 2013 07:50

T-joint mixer
I am working on a T-joint mixer where streams of fluid come in from opposite ends of a T-joint and leave from the third. I was making the model in Gambit and have the following questions:-

1.) There is no heat transfer taking place from the walls of the T-joint mixer. I am only watching the flow pattern. Should I still define a boundary layer in my Gambit model? and if I should how do I decide on the parameters first row, growth factor etc.?

2.) it is a mixer whose size is in the order of millimeters, so at what mesh density can I probably make this model mesh independent? I have currently done a simulation at 10^8 cells/m3 (with 10^4 cells and the rest because my volume is small), should I increase my mesh density?

Any help is appreciated. Thanx in advance!!

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