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dgnd June 14, 2013 09:22

Mesh for an inclined airfoil
Hello here.

I'm from france and this is my problem:

I try to simulate with ANSYS flow through airfoil NACA 0012...

It's not complicated and i successed to test for different inclinaison to get lift decrease.
I change inclinaison by component of vector for pressure, mach number on BC far-field...

But I wanna try if I can get similar result with changing inclinaison of profil, and let x-component to 1.

My problem is i can't get a right mesh: mapped face doesn't work on 1 part of my domain...

a picture to explain (mesh is not correct at down left):

Does someone have an idea why it do not working?

(I have already tried to put a inclined line to separate the circle but the result was the same)

edit: sorry for the mistake in title i tried to change for "mesh" but i can't...

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