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vigges June 19, 2013 16:40

Workbench - DesignModeler Interaction
hey folks,

i've got a general question concerning the interaction between the workbench and the design modeler.

let's say, i just want to create a mesh for a structural analysis and the component has a geometry part and a meshing part. as geometry i use a step file, which i manipulate within design modeler, for example by using boolean operations or the thin/surface command.

the imported geometry will be part of an optimization, so it will change slightly from one case to another, however, the applied design modeler operations will be the same for each imported geometry.

now, my question is as follows:
how do i manage to have the specified modifications applied to the new, slightly different geometry without opening design modeler and tedious jscripting?

maybe, some of you have an idea :)

thank you

mvoss July 5, 2013 05:03

afaik there need to be a consistent "parametric" setup... so.. you have to be careful on how to apply the "changes".
Some suggestions:
  • If possible, create NamedSelections with "Extend" ON and base all following steps on the NamedSelections.
  • You can push Parameters back to the CAD-System if necessary, if imported properly.
  • Change the DM-parameters on the fly to check, by editing them in the DM-Paramerters window + create relationships between them to provide consistent geometric topology for the meshing.
  • When creating NamedSeletions carefully, you can set up the whole meshing based on NamedSelections only.
But it all depends on your "modifications".

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