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akramibrahim7 June 25, 2013 20:36

can you tranform the solidwork drowing to ansys please?
I have a solid work drowing and i want to use it in ansys
please,,if you know how to do it please help
and this is the linke of the drowing ...

Danito June 25, 2013 21:02

Check this video:

Decompress your .rar file and then import the Solidworks geometry file into Ansys (the second option in the video).

akramibrahim7 June 25, 2013 21:10

thank you
but the problem that i have not solid work program and it is not easy to install it in my pc
so i want sombody have solid work to do it and help me please

Danito June 25, 2013 22:13

You do not need to have Solidworks installed to import the geometry. (I do not have it either.) In ANSYS WB you just rightclick "Geometry" in the Analysis System and select "Import Geometry." Then you can browse to find the Solidworks file, and the geometry will be attached.

akramibrahim7 June 25, 2013 22:43

the selected file is of an unsupported or un configured geometry type
even if i changed the extension to .wbpj

Danito June 25, 2013 22:49

What is the extension? But decompress the .rar file first.

akramibrahim7 June 25, 2013 22:56

i know that the file is not rar in my pc i compressed it to upload it

i just wanna tell that your methodis not work in ansys there are a message say that the geometery is not configured

Danito June 25, 2013 23:02

What is the extension of the file?

akramibrahim7 June 25, 2013 23:04

it is .SLDPRT

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