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KhXeR July 1, 2013 02:38

Scaling, Rotating-Translating in Icem Cfd
Hey everyone.
I am new to ANSYS and i am starting to work on CFD for my project.

I have .CAT/.igs files of two different geometries which have to be integrated togather for analysis.

When i open up these geometries in solidedge, they seem to work fine. the dimensions of both geometries are exactly according to real life.
however, when i import geometries in icem (open one and then merge the other one) , one of them comes out very small even though they both are about the same size. i really dont understand why??

secondly, when i try to scale the bigger geometry, it works fine but the only problem is that the bigger geometry remains. even though i dont check the 'copy' box, it keeps the original one which is visible only when i check the 'surface' box. is that a glitch or does it actually stay there??? and how can i fix that.

one last thing. both geometries turnout in random places. in order to integrate them togather in the right place, i use translation and rotation feature but i cant get it to work.

if u can please help me out with these things. i would really appreciate it


Edit: Sorry if i posted this in the wrong section.

mvoss July 5, 2013 04:50

Import the CAD data to the project schematic, push them over to a DM container and fix everything in DM (sizing, named selections) before transferring to the ICEM-CFD-container.

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