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Bepperux July 1, 2013 09:17

Ansys 3D mesh
Hi all,

Sorry for my ignorance, I'm just a beginner. I successfully used Ansys + Fluent in the study of a pipe with a sharped edge orifice, 2D case, similar to this picture:

However, now I have a problem for the 3D case. I designed my 3D valve in Solidworks, with its inner ducts, and I imported it into Ansys. In the 2D case, I had to name the edges of the "rectangle" (the pipe) to define the boundary conditions (wall, axis, inlet, outlet), and the surface was the domain to study, on which the mesh was applied.
How can I do the same for the 3D case? I don't know how to select the inner duct to indicate it as the domain to apply the mesh on, because it's...empty!! And also the surfaces as inlet and outlet ports.

Thank you everyone :)

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