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FreeFall79 July 11, 2013 09:50

Should a young engineer invest learning Workbench
Hi All

I am young engineer just getting started in my CFD career. At my place of employment most people do not use workbench and some even look down upon it. I was wondering as a new person who has not invested much time in stand alone or in workbench which is the better direction to go if you could only choose one. I think ANSYS is pushing everything in the workbench direciton but.... I am told you give up some of the fine control over how stuff is done and batch processing goes to zero virtually.

Any more senior people care to weigh in. I want to make sure I got in the right direction. Thanks in advance.

mjgraf July 11, 2013 20:23

batch all the way.

being able to easily do things via cmd line is nice. You tend to understand more what is going on with the components. Most of the time, before one could even open the model in workbench to make a simple change, I could already have it done via cmd line and submitted in the queue running. Even more critical when the models are insanely large.

there are some nice features of Workbench that makes life easier.

Unfortunately, I must support Workbench on our linux systems. It is by far the most troublesome program I have ever tried to validate. Env parameters I set for the batch systems and Classic caused Workbench to error or crash. Working through remote Linux sessions are slow and clunky for some reason, where as the Ansys classic gui, CFD-Post are very responsive.

In the end, you must work with the workflow the company has invested possibly thousands of man hours in (especially trouble free, fully batch systems). On the other hand, if you are adept at Workbench, catch the eye of a senior engineer with a particular nice workflow in Workbench.

Each type of workflow has its place.

>>>15 years experience and using TASCflow back in the day to the current Ansys Suite of products (ICEM, CFX, Mechanical, Workbench).

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