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Marabelle July 12, 2013 04:07

Hello everybody!
I started a student work where I have to built an simulate a model in ANSYS Workbench to solve the air and energy flow in FLUENT. Since they changed here recently from the old version with building the model in GambiT to the new version of the WB, nobody really can help me with my work, so I have several basic questions/problems which might seem stupid to you. But please do not laugh about me, but take the time to help me... I would really apreciate it!
My biggest problem at the moment concerns overconstraining of my model. I know from several CAD programs, that the points/lines etc. change colour when given dimensions or constraints. When it is overconstrained, it gets red and a message appears. When I delete or undo the new constraint, which overconstrained my model, the colour doesn't change back and in the Details view it is shown in the constraint status "unknown" or "inconsistent". How can I solve this problem respectively hiw can I see where exactly the constraint problem lays? I know I can delete constraints, but when I delete the wrong one (I already tried) it destroys sometimes my whole model...
I really would apreciate your help...

Marabelle July 12, 2013 04:30

PS: I built up the entire model again, because I couldn't fix it. But this is not possible everytim e I want to chance a constraint or just a dimension...
Is there at least a function which shows me, which line/circle is which one? So I can find out which constraints belong to which point/line?
I also have to add that I worked with ANSYS APDL Mechanics before and got along with that perfectly, because you can define everything exactly with the commands...

Marabelle July 22, 2013 08:23

Anybody who has an idea how to fix this problem? I am greatful about any help... I can't use APDL codes because it is not included in our version we have here at this Institute of the University...

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