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Bin July 16, 2013 03:11

Filling tank with water
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Hi all,

I had simulated filling a 3D tank with water. The results are weird to me.

This is my result:
Attachment 23530

Why the distribution of water above the surface (the region that is neither volume fraction 1 nor 0) is large? I'm expecting only a thin layer of that will appear in the result:
Attachment 23531

where the liquid and vapor region to be clearly defined and separated with an interface, although there might be some mixed region but should be not as large as shown in my result. Anyone know the reason why I'm am getting this result?

Best regards,

me12p1006 August 21, 2017 07:17

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I am trying to solve water filling bottle tutorial from long back ( I am not getting reasonable results.

I used inlet velocity as 0.1 m/sec. I am attaching my FOAM files. Please kindly let me know what mistake I am doing.

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