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subs July 16, 2013 10:00

water vortex simulation
I'm trying to simulate a spiral vortex flow of water through a cylinder with a large inlet hole and a small exit hole.
How should I go about doing it? I've searched everywhere for tutorials but haven't found any.
Following picture shows the system that I'm planning to model and simulate.

triple_r July 16, 2013 14:28

That looks similar to a cyclone separator if you cut the head off and add free surface flow. Most software packages should have a tutorial for cyclone separators, and another tutorial for free surface flow, something like the famous dam break for example. If you haven't already, I'll suggest taking a look at those tutorials, and combining the two.

subs July 16, 2013 20:17

Thank you for your reply! I couldn't find a "proper" tutorial on cyclone separator and dam break.

triple_r July 16, 2013 20:34

Hmmmm, sorry to hear that. I thought I had seen those in the official tutorial guide but I should never trust my memory :-p

Here is one that I found for fluent by just searching for "fluent tutorial for cyclone separators":

The second example is a cyclone separator. You can find papers and other examples if you just browse through the results.

For a free surface flow, look at the VoF (volume of fluid) tutorial in fluent. I just assumed it is fluent since this question was under ANSYS. Now that I think about it, it mught have been CFX as well :-p but you should be able to find similar tutorials for CFX as well.

Sorry again for not being very clear on my first reply.

henrryhr7 September 15, 2013 17:08

Question from Ecuador
I have seen your question in this forum and I am really interested in what did you do to get the correct simulation of the "gravitational water vortex" through CFD. I am currently starting my thesis project and I have in mind to include a CFD simulation of the "gravitational water vortex". I have been practicing ANSYS FLUENT but I don't know if I can get the result that I want, because I want to simulate the turbine.

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