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summerdream September 5, 2013 11:09

Export mesh from ICEM CFD for Fluent

I am pretty new to ICEM CFD and I would like to export mesh from ICEM CFD for simulation in Fluent. When I select Output tab and the solver I can choose doesn't include "Ansys Fluent", only legacy Fluent v4 and v6. Any suggestions?

I am running ICEM CFD 12.1 64-bit (Nov 02, 2009) on 64-bit Windows 7.


Green Tiger September 9, 2013 17:12

at this menu Just choose Fluent v6.
Good Luck

summerdream September 10, 2013 12:12

Choose Fluent v6 and had following error message:

Error: running Fluent v6 interface ver. 12.0.1
Error: the interface cannot handle quadratic elements. child process exited abnormally.

btw, my mesh is 10 node tetrahedral. Thanks.

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