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murx September 20, 2013 07:02

automatically adjusting BCs based on acting forces via Fortran

I want to do stationary simulations around and object. After my convergence criterion is reached (or lets say after 100 iterations) I want to get some values (e.g. forces on the object) and I want CFX to automatically adjust certain boundary conditions based on a formula that comprises these forces. This should be done over and over until the forces reach a certain limit.

The next step would be to adjust geometry-parameters based on forces obtained from the simulation. However, this is probably even more problematic since the CFX results would need to be passed to the meshing software.

I'm not sure if this is possible with CFX. So before I deal more detailed with Fortran manual in CFX (which to me is really a closed book) I want to ask you for your opinion.
- Is it possible?
- If yes, any hints on how to implement this?
- I not, is there another software that more suitable for this approach?

Any help is appreciated!


/edit: Maybe this should be moved to the CFX sub-forum

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