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Emma* September 23, 2013 15:29

Meshing ICEM y+
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Dear All,
I am new Bee with ICEM and have a small problem but didnīt manage to solve it. It is an university project, in fact we have to simulate a flat plate exposed to a pressure gradient in order to look into the transition models of cfx. The plate is located in a low speed wind tunnel (v_inlet ~ 1.36 m/s). I generated a structured mesh and I am having troubles to get the y+ under 1. At the moment the y+ is around 70 which is way too much. I tried many different approaches ...with different mesh laws and spacing variations...etc.

I enclosed my ICEM settings. Thank you very much for any help.


stuart23 October 1, 2013 21:25

Hi Emma,

Are you using any roughness on the wall? If not, you should be able to decrease Y+ by decreasing first cell height.


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