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WK912 October 1, 2013 09:12

Transfer of Expressions from CFX to Fluent
Hello everyone, and I hope that this is the correct place to put this post!

Recently I have started an internship at a very large company, who have decided that they want a simulation that was originally run in CFX transferred to Fluent, in order to use Fluent's Ffowcs-Williams- Hawkings capabilities. In the CFX simulation, there are a number of User Defined Expressions involving surface integrals and other mathematics more complicated than simple algebra. There is also a few user defined variables that i need to transfer over.

I have worked in very limited capacity with Fluent before, and I know that i'm going to have to use the "UDF" functionality for this, programming in C (which i have never done before), but it seems that this will be very difficult to do, considering that the mathematical capabilities of the CEL are much more user friendly! I suppose I am coming here to ask if I am approaching this problem wrong, asking for any advice you could give, or any resources that i have not been made aware of. I would love to read through the entire Users Manual and the UDF guide, but that's over 3000 pages! Is there a simpler way to go about transferring these expressions? Or even a simple way of doing some sort of noise simulations in CFX?

Any help is really, really, appreciated. Not sure why they put me on this task, but I'd like to learn to do it if I can! Thanks!

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