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Marabelle November 25, 2013 04:22

Export data on line
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Hello everybody!
I am simulating the flow and heat transfer in a channel. I want to export data in CFD-Post on a line that cuts through my model orthogonally to the flow in the channel. In Inserted a line with Insert>location>line and then exported Data like Turbulence kinetic energy and velocity on that line.

I already found out, that I can vary the samples exported, if I change the number of samples when creating the line. But what I am confused with is, that it exports data also some mm after my model actually ends, they are extremely small (1e-14) but it should export "null" at this points... Does it have to do with my boundary conditions (no slip wall) or is it a problem because Average values are exported? How can I get around this problem? I already tried augmenting the number of samples. Maybe the option "cut" when creating the line helps? But I didn't find anything in the guide about what this option does...
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I would be grateful for some ideas or tips where I can find how CFD-Post exactly exports the data.

Marabelle November 25, 2013 04:31

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ok, I tried out the cut option, seems like it works, but hte problem now is, that I have different nummer of samples on each line and for evaluating my data I already have written a makro where it needs the same number of samples on each line... Any ideas how I can to solve the problem?Attachment 26986

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