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paka November 27, 2013 10:48

Ansys older version to newer? Ansys 13 to lower version?

Can anyone please advise if it is possible to open a newer Ansys Workbench saved project in an older version? Is there a way to save a newer version Ansys analysis in the older version? I heard it is not possible, is this true?

Seems a bit ridiculous not being able to save your work in an older standard, so your colleagues or clients are not able to view your results.

I am considering a purchase of a FEM product, but if this is the case with Ansys then I find it a bit worthless.

Can anyone please advise?

Thank you and regards.

flotus1 November 28, 2013 12:07

Whole projects in Ansys Worbench are not backward compatible, which is really annoying considering frequency at which the version numbers change. Even a 14.5 project cannot be opened with 14.0.

It might be possible to extract parts of a project like geometries or meshes, but thats not really helpful in most cases.

paka November 28, 2013 13:29

Oh... That's an absolute rubbish. It makes me think cheaper FEM packages start to be more competitive and appealing. At the end it is the same FEM, sometimes more elegantly packaged than Ansys with its prehistoric geometry creation and handling - at least that's my experience.

Thanks for the answer.

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