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Bharatt November 30, 2013 05:01

Basic Room Air conditioning tutorial
Hello Everyone,

As passion for CFD grows day by day, it is quite problematic at first to get initiated. probably due to lack of knowledge/first time with the software's.Perhaps, its the most common situation and once was for me as well :D. but A tutorial always helps.
Here is a very basic/beginning level Room Air Conditioning simulation tutorial using GAMBIT AND FLUENT. which explains modeling, meshing and inputs in fluent and carry out the simulation. Apparently it might not be the best one, but i hope it will help to get your hands on these softwares ;)

Here is the link

Hope this will help. PLEASE SHARE:)


airexpress2 June 1, 2015 02:58

Do these Air Conditioning tutorials also provides tips for Air Conditioning Maintenance??...Actually, I have a Goodman ARUF air handler and CLJ condenser. It has worked very well over the years. I've checked the manuals and online and can't find any maintenance that is routinely required. Are these really maintenance free for 20 yrs? All I've done is change filters.

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