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oveloard November 30, 2013 10:40

Workbench distance/depth meauserments
Hello. I'm very new to Ansys, so I apologize if I'm asking something obvious, but I can't find answer anywhere.

I'm trying to use thermal analysis in Workbench to calculate temperature distributions in frozen soils under thermal loads from different objects (pipelines, gas wells, buildings etc). The problem is, I can't find a convenient way to display and process results of analysis. At work we are currently using a DOS application that displays results in following format:
It has distance grid on both X and Y axes, so I can easily zoom in and view temperature at any given depth.

The question is, is it possible to do a grid like that in workbench? I can use probe tool to get temperature at any point but how do I measure depth of this point? Right now the only way seems to be using ruler, but it only works for X axis and only allows for approximate results.
Thanks in advance.

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