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Liaquat December 28, 2006 08:46

Command Line Run for ANSYS
Hi I am trying to run ANSYS from command line by using a DOS Batch Script such as "C:\Program Files\Ansys Inc\v100\ANSYS\bin\intel\ansys.exe" -b -i biggerplate.ans -o biggerplate.out But it gives me an error message that I do not have a license. Whereas I can run ANSYS in windows and can open biggerplate file by file/Read input from in top left menu inside ANSYS. My specific need requires to call ANSYS from command line, make it read a batch file that contains complete commands to solve a problem all the way tilll postprocessing and read an output file. However, nothing seems to happen when I use the complete path for windows ANSYS. So, do I need to change the installation in certain way or need to call ANSYS a certain different way. I have ANSYS University Advanced version. Thanks a lot... Liaquat

Dollar December 28, 2006 16:05

Re: Command Line Run for ANSYS
don't run on windows, especially windows vista, do it on Unix

Peter Attar December 28, 2006 16:26

Re: Command Line Run for ANSYS
I think you need to provide the type of licence you have via a command line option...I'm not sure of the option but I am sure you can find it in the help docs.

Liaquat December 29, 2006 17:19

Re: Command Line Run for ANSYS
Thanks to you and Dollar. I was looking for help other than Unix as I am not good at that at all. I was wondering if I needed to change any settings in Launcher or call a different Ansys exe file if I wanted to run it from windows command line.

Any how, I appreciate your help. Thanks

Renato. December 31, 2006 15:23

Re: Command Line Run for ANSYS
Check the following steps:

1. Open the "Ansys Product Launcher"

2. In "Simulation Environment" change to "Ansys batch"

3. Fill out the fields with the working directory, job name, input file and output file and click in "run"

It should work if you have the proper license.



Liaquat January 1, 2007 00:14

Re: Command Line Run for ANSYS
Renato Thanks for your reply. My problem is different. I am trying to integrate ANSYS in a software called iSIGHT by Engineous. So when I define a simulation code in that program, I define an input file, output file and executable for the simulation code which in this case is ANSYS. What you suggested still reauires manual clicking. Whereas I want to acccess that ANSYS exe file and batch switch that tells this execuatable of ANSYS which input file to run and what to call the output file. But I can not do so right now. Thanks Liaquat

Renato. January 1, 2007 08:39

Re: Command Line Run for ANSYS
I see what you mean but I suggest you try a batch mode session using the launcher firstly. It should give you an idea if you'll be able to run Ansys from the command line later.

Cheers and happy new year ;o)


Rob January 9, 2007 09:42

Re: Command Line Run for ANSYS
When you run from the product launcher look in the active directory for a file called ansys$$.bat, this contains the command line it uses to run your script. Just copy it.

mfaisaln February 1, 2013 02:30

A similar problem comes across to me
Dear Liaquate.....I hope you will be fine.......

Since it is long time...I came across error relating to it...I am succed to run ansys in Btach Run....But when I use iSIGHT to run simulation......I came across following error:

SimServer<TaskHost=localhost/SimHost= localhost>SimCode Simcod1 runstatus unsuccessful -255
Error executing main program Simcod1
Error evaluating :: sIMCODE0
Error evaluating Control expression Evaluate Simcode Simcod1 -1
Error in TaskProcess Control

mfaisaln February 1, 2013 02:32

Ansys integeration with iSIGHT9
Could anyone help in this regards....Thanks

mohanprasad July 30, 2016 05:03

Hai friends, I would likie to run ansys through windows command prompt, I used the command

cd C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\v160\ansys\bin\winx64\ANSYS160.exe -b -i H:\Win7PoolData\Desktop\s3.txt -o H:\Win7PoolData\Desktop\error.txt

but I get an error in the output file(error.txt) stating

************************************************** **********************
The number of ERROR and WARNING messages exceeds 0.
Use the /NERR command to increase the number of messages.
The ANSYS run is terminated by this error.
************************************************** **********************

I get the correct output, if I use the product launcher. Has anyone met with a similar issue?. looking forward to your reply

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