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aminem April 22, 2014 03:29

parametric study with design modeler and icepak
I have a question on parametric study on Icepak.
I can do a parametric study when I use the internal geometry of heatsink on Icepak, but when i want to use a Design Modeler to design heatsink i can't do a parametric study on icepak. I had try three strategy:
1- Define a geometrical parametre on design modeler.
2- Define a geometrical parametre on Icepak.
3- Define a geometrical parametre on both.
These strategy does not work.
Can anyone tell me if it's possible to do a parametric study with Design Modeler and icepak, and how we can do it?

Jupudi.pramodh May 20, 2014 07:36

If i understand your concern properly, you were looking for a solution to perform parametric study using workbench and icepak. I don't think it might be possible. But you can perform parametric study of heatsink directly using Icepak: Optimization module.

If the geometry is some what complex that it can not be modeled in Icepak, You can use design modeler and fluent interface to perform the parametric study.

please let me know if my information is helpful


aminem May 21, 2014 05:05

Thank you for your response
Yes I have a complexe geometry.
I hope that we can combine design modeler and Icepak to make parametric simulation but it's not possible.

Jupudi.pramodh May 21, 2014 05:11

Icepak workbench intergation is to perform geometry cleanup / geometry creation in workbench and import the same to icepak.
This helps in importing and working with much complex geometries in Icepak. But to work with that geometry, one has to do the entire case setup in icepak.
So as far as my knowledge is concerned, we can not perform parametric study with icepak&workbench integration (when geometry changes are being defined through workbench).
Instead to handle similar situation i think you can use Workbench Fluent interface.. :)
please do let me know your opinion

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