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nirajpandya April 25, 2014 16:37

Adding new fluid material in workbench and using it in cfx

I am trying to add refrigerant R245fa in material library of ansys so that I can use it in cfx, who's properties like viscosity, thermal conductivity, specific heat are function of changing temperature. I got all the values for the properties at all the different temperature (274K to 426K) in excel file. I added thermal conductivity and specific heat in tabular form in engineering data.

i) I cannot find material property like viscosity, molar mass in Engineering data which I want to add, so how can I input material properties like viscosity and molar mass in engineering data?

ii)And after adding all the material properties to my new fluid in engineering data (workbench) how can I use that fluid in cfx-pre? or How do I link Engineering data with cfx to use the added fluid?

Can anyone please help me guide how to do it?

dr.chris May 7, 2014 05:35

Neither CFX nor Fluent use the engineering data in workbench. Both maintain their own libraries.

Luckily in both cases the material libraries are easy to access and use from within their respective GUI's

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