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raggot May 8, 2014 04:47

Ansys multiphysics V11 - blank output file
I have a model of a heating process on Ansys Multiphysics, V11.

After running the simulation, I have a script to plot a temperature profile:

!---------------- POST PROCESSING -----------------------
/post1 ! tdatabase postprocessor

!---define profile temperature
path,s_temp1,2,,100 ! define a path
ppath,1,,dop/2,0,0 ! create a path point
ppath,2,,dop/2,1.5,0 ! create a path point
PDEF,surf_t1,TEMP, ,noav ! print a path

plpath,surf_t1 ! plot a path

What I now need, is to save the resulting path in a text file. I have already looked online for a solution, and found the following code to do it, which I appended after the lines above:


Ansys generates the file `filename.extension` but it is empty. I tried to place the `OUTPUT` command in a few locations in the script, but without any success.

I suspect I need to define something else, but I have no idea where to look, as Ansys documentation online is terribly chaotic, and all internet pages I've opened before writing this question are not better.

A final note: Ansys V11 is an old version of the software, but I don't want to upgrade it and fit the old model to the new software.

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