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anuroopak June 1, 2014 19:43

2d rans fluent
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I need to simulate an under-expanded axisymmetric jet of NPR 3.67 from a CD nozzle. My design Mach number is 1.00 and my jet Mach number is 1.5. I wanted to know about implementing the boundary conditions on FLUENT.

My model is symmetric about x axis. I have used far-field boundary conditions with 101325 Pa and 0.001 Mach as the values on the upper and leftmost parts of the domain. I have used outflow on the rightmost part with 101325 Pa. My nozzle is modelled only from after the throat. At my velocity inlet boundary condition, how do I make sure my NPR is 3.67 so that my jet expands to 1.5? What should the values Velocity Magnitude, Supersonic/Initial Guage Pressure , and Outflow Gauge Pressure be? I have set my operating pressure as 0.

Please help

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