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Trev0r April 10, 2015 00:08

Updating geometry in CFD post without resimulating
An interesting feature has appeared in the results of my flow simulation and I would like to analyse it by taking the area average wall shear stress over a specific area of my domain. Unfortunately I had not previously defined this area of interest as it's own unique surface (so the transform surface option will not work here). Because of this I don't see how I can analyse this particular area using the built in "function calculator".

I have since defined this area as it's own surface in Solidworks (using the split line tool) however it appears that I will need to completely rerun the simulation in CFX in order to analysis this newly defined surface.

My question is, is it possible to update the surface definitions in CFD post without having to completely recompute the solution? (we're talking hours of computational time). After all, the boundary conditions and domain are completely unchanged and therefore the solution will be identical.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Edit: I know you can inport surface definitions in CSV format but because this surface is the boundary of the domain if it is not perfectly defined (the CSV format discretises the surface itself so that it will lie inside and outside the domain) am I right in assuming as such the WSS will not average correctly? Unfortunately this is a smooth undulating surface not a simple plane.

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