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dsaen May 8, 2018 12:41

Hyperthreading with Polyflow
Hi everyone,

I have seen that there's some discussion regarding the use of hyperthreading for ANSYS CFD solvers, in particular Fluent and CFX, but I haven't seen anything about Polyflow.

ANSYS documentation recommends turning off HT for Fluent and CFX:

2.1. Utilizing CPU Hyperthreading Technology with ANSYS CFD Solvers
Hyperthreading technology uses one processor core to run more than one task at a time. ANSYS does not recommend using hyperthreading technology in conjunction with ANSYS CFD Solvers (Fluent, CFX and AIM Fluids). We recommend that you turn CPU hyperthreading off (default is on). A system administrator needs to reboot the system and enter the BIOS to turn the hyperthreading option off.

I'm going to be using Polyflow primarily, but also a little bit of Fluent, and the number of cores will be limited by the license. Should I turn off Hyperthreading?What do you recommend?


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