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yuichiro0511 August 30, 2018 04:52

Exporting results at all time steps

I am currently working on cold flow simulation of IC engine.
My simulation finished successfully with the IC engine analysis system in the Workbench.

So now, I want to export the results in .csv files for further anlysis, and I figured out how I can save the result at certain timestep in .csv files.
My data exporting methods are:

1. Read the calculated data in CFD-Post.
2. File > Export > Export...
3. 'Export' window pops up
4. Choose the variables to save and the place to save the file
5. Click save

However, my saving procedures only allows me to save the data at the timestep I selected with the 'Timestep Selector'. This is a problem for me because I wanted to know how the results change over time (timesteps).

Is there any way I can export the results at different timesteps in one .csv file?



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