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shatarah May 15, 2021 13:10

streamlines showing in area that didn't melt!
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hello . i used Ansys 19 workbench to make a 2d simulation of the melting of a substance in a container (with fins) from the left side . i wanna see the convection streamlines at 50% melting .
The problem is Ansys results (post process) shows velocity streamlines everywhere even if it has a value of zero as you can see in pic 1. I only want to see streamlines in the melted zone because a big part of the right area is still solid and it doesn't make sense to have streamlines there.
btw if I try to see velocity vectors they make sense and only show up in the melted zone as you can see in pic 2. the substance is defined as fluid in setup but its initially below its melting temp .I would appreciate if you could help me :)
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