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jotape June 27, 2009 12:14

oven for curing
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I am a student from the Mechanical Department of University of Aveiro, Portugal.
I am developing a methodology to optimize an industrial installation of polymerizing special papers. This installation is a big oven (40 meters of length and 5 meters high) with an inside temperature of 150ºC and a renovation of air. The installation has inside inlet and outlet air diffusers.
To study the flows and temperatures inside all installation I have to simulate the installation using Ansys CFX 11.
I am a initiator on Ansys CFX using, I practice doing the tutorials but my experience is very low and I have lots of doubts about the best way to sold my problem (simulate my installation)and some doubts using the software.
The installation is a big room with pipelines and air diffuser on floor and laterally, this pipelines and air diffusers we can see below.
The down diffusers look as the picture below.
The outlet is guaranteed by a pipeline and diffuser system, simimilar to the inlet system but on the top pf the “room”.
I have all the installation’s geometry modulated by Catia V5 and I have values for the inlet conductions for the first inlet pipe and the end outlet pipe (temperature and flow speed).
Right now my approach to know the conductions on every diffuser is simulating separately the pipelines and diffusers. When I have values (by simulation) for the conditions on the diffusers end and inlet in the outlet diffusers case, I will use all the geometry and use the results of pipelines and diffusers simulation results for boundary conditions on the diffusers.
This is a correct approach for a problem of this type?

I already start to simulate some section of pipeline and I am experience some problems: Using Ansys workbench I imported the Catia V5 model, I define the boundaries and run the simulation without problems. Now I am exploring the post capacities and I founded that the areas of boundaries are not the same as the defined on Catia V5, I founded to that the normal speed, which I defined with the boundary conditions definition, on the boundary is not the same as I define. What this could be?

If some one could help me, please answer me. I have this task to solve and don’t have near me anyone that work every day with this software.

Thanks in advance,

João Pedro (

michael_owen July 9, 2009 10:09

Start with the mismatched boundary conditions. What kind of boundaries are they (inlet, outlet, etc)? How did you specify them in Pre, how did you measure them in post, and how different are they?

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