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Glockenspiel June 30, 2009 18:04

ICEM HDF Connectivity
Hello All,

I've been given a simple, 5 block, structured mesh of a cylinder generated in ICEM and exported in the HDF5 format. Unfortunately, it seems that the transformation vector given in the ICEM-generated HDF5 file is not consistent with the SIDS-CGNS standard. Would anyone happen to know what the relationship of the <Constant Index, First Index, Second Index> to the SIDS connectivity standard is for structured meshes?


Glockenspiel July 1, 2009 23:43

Thought I'd update this for anyone else that might encounter the problem. The ICEM generated <Constant Index, First Index, Second Index> for the current block patch correspond (more or less) to the index locations of the standard SIDS transformation vector. The donor patch <Constant Index, First Index, Second Index> values are then substituted into the transformation vector.

My Block Vector
<1,2,3> (these are you index values)
Donor Block Vector

...substituting the first value yields:
the second:

Of course, you'll need to program in some sort of logic to consider the bounds of the abutting faces (i.e. a i-low abutting against a k-low face) and for the case where you might have a negative value in one of the block indices indicating the start/end nodal locations differ between the blocks.

At any rate, I hope this can help someone...if clarification is needed just post a reply and I'll do my best to assist.

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