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lhorion July 15, 2009 05:01

Ansys 12.0 Workbench Geometry:3D to 2D

I'm a new user to ansys workbench 12.0. I created a 3D geometry, and i would like to make a 2D geometry out of it.

I used some Slices and Body Op>Delete and Thin (with thickness and face offset set to 0) to get only the face of interest, which lies in the XY plane.

I read in a discussion that the next step is to extrude or revolve my face on a short distance: 1 element.

But I'm facing a problem: I can not make any extrusion or revolve operation when my bodies are 'Surface Bodies'. So i tried to give a small non-zero value to the 'thin' operation, but this does not give the proper result.

Further, when I open the meshing interface, I can not select 'Edit in CFX-Mesh' anymore.

So if someone could help or explain me a smarter way to go to a 2D geometry analysis, starting form a 3D geometry.

Thank you.


michael_owen July 15, 2009 08:28

Have you tried using Symmetry?

anypossible September 5, 2009 09:00

You can using Workbench simulation!

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