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bawadi August 12, 2009 05:43

Need help on Fluent
I have tried to run the stirred tank 2D model on fluent but when i want to start initializing, the error message appeared as below :

"WARNING: Unassigned interface zone detected for interface 4
Error: Init_Flow: unassigned interface_zones
Error Object: ()"

The "interface 4" was the interface between air and water.

Thank in advance for your help.

B. Abdullah

wadebogs August 18, 2009 15:13

Is the mesh conformal across this boundary?

It sounds like you don't understand what an interface is. In fluent "interface" refers to cases where you have meshed boundaries which are not conformal - the surfaces lie in the same place but nodes don't match.

If your nodes match you just need to change the boundary type to "interior".

Read the manual about grid interfaces.

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