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jjc September 9, 2009 10:32

How to model concrete slab in ANSYS and apply 2 million cyclic load.
Hi, everybody.

I am Keat, from Malaysia. I am currently study in civil engineering and taking my final year project for degree graduation.

My thesis title given by supervisor is to use ANSYS to modelling a 3m X 1m C-Channel (a precast concrete slab system), to apply 2 million cyclic load (30kN) of line load to it, and then to study the deflection behavior.

After that i was request to perform lab experiment to use an actuator machine to carry out a test so that the ANSYS result can be verified.
I am struggling for around 3 month already, but still not yet any improvement. Due to lack of information in my university, and also do not have lecture skill in this field.

The main problem I am facing now is how to perform bonding between the steel bar and concrete, since i only know how to sketch out the concrete slab and steel bar seperately in ANSYS.

And also is it possible to apply 2 Million cyclic load on the slab in ANSYS? I am currently using ANSYS v11.

Do teach me how to do it, I am very much appreciate, and I am hopping for anyone to guide me for the ANSYS usage.

Thank you very very much!

foransys February 4, 2010 06:36

Does no one to answer these questions. because I need to do a similar analysis

mechanicaldesign April 1, 2010 05:00

Ideea !!!
Hi all,

In my opinion this cicle is not reffering to applied load (phisic) on your model. I think is about fatigue study. Is only study in which is aplied a force in one direction, and after that is applied a force in oposide direction.

Other manner in which can be applied the force for 2 mil. cycle, is to made a harmonical study, in which you know the locations of applied loads, value of applied loads, frequency with which acting the loads / second (usualy reported to your unit system of measure adopted: SI, ANSI, etc) which means Hz. Like time, you can settup the number of cycle like substeps number. Both with this settup you can choose betweens ramped ( then its value increases gradually at each substep, with the full value occurring at the end of the load step )or steped ( then its full value is applied at the first substep and stays constant for the rest of the load step ) manner in which are applied loads.

I hope to be useful for you this advice.

Best regards.

ganesharun April 12, 2011 05:47


Better u go for discrete modeling... In dis place a node where and all the reinforcement is coming.. Connect those nodes using Link8 element (2 noded element for reinforcement). Also connect that nodes using Solid 65 element (8 noded element for concrete). So that ur reinforcement and concrete can share same node. So that they can perform monolithically. Since I'm also struggling in cyclic load. If u find out any soln pls tel me...

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