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Jalen September 20, 2009 10:47

simulation of a radial hydrodynamic bearing in ANSYS CFX

for a student project i have to simulate a radial hydrodynamic bearing with ANSYS CFX and ICEM CFD. I already tried to find some usefull information but did’nt find much that i can use and now i hope that someone can help me to find a strategy.

The biggest concern is how to mesh the small cylindrical gap (20 t0 50 microns) in the bearing with an reasonable amount of elements. For a first calculation a „coarse“ mesh would be sufficient. Would it be suitable to mesh the gap with short, thin, but wide (in axle-axis direction) hexa- elements? If yes, have i to use the blocking strategy in ICEM CFD?

A second concern is the movement of the axle. Am im right that an stationary simulation with a moving wall boundary fort he axle will be sufficient to solve the pressure distribution in the bearing?

Does somebody knows books, technical papers or other helpfull stuff about similar problems?

I really appreciate your help.



Dinesh_Dhande October 4, 2013 10:40

Do u got results?

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