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ahorvat September 24, 2009 11:16

ANSYS QA problems
Recently completed FSI project in ANSYS v.12 and found 10-20 bugs (depends how a bug is qualified). Does anyone think that ANSYS has serious quality issues ?:rolleyes:

denizen September 25, 2009 02:02

i think no.
some problems is present, but where the bugs no present?
If you will try to work with other FEA or CFD codes you can see more deep and systematic problems.


ahorvat September 25, 2009 09:15

Thank you for the reply. I hope you are speaking from your own experiences. I cannot. Having two commercial CFD codes is a large expense, therefore, my experiences are limited to ANSYS/CFX.

The only comparison that I can make is a meshing case, which I asked ANSYS UK office to help us with. It took their best ICEM guy most of the day to tet mesh it (no inflation layers).

At the the All Energy Conf. in Aberdeen, STAR-CD sales guys were teasing me and I gave them the same geometry to mesh (to embarrass them). Although, they probably did not have their best meshing guy on a sales conference, they came back in 1.5 h with a mesh with inflation layers (... this is not an invitation for STAR-CD sales guy to contact me and trying to sell me something).

I would encourage other people to explain their experiences.

denizen September 28, 2009 01:43


So, i can summarize that tetra+prism (inflation) it is fully automatic and no problems with generation on ICEM, ANSYS Meshig, GAMBIT, and STAR-CCM.

The troubles starts with hexahedral mesh, there only ICEM have tools to make one for complex geometries.


ahorvat September 29, 2009 06:11

My impression is that they (at least ANSYS) are just adding 'capability' after 'capability' with little respect to proper functioning of the software.

ICEM is a typical example. The tools that work for Octree meshes do not work for Delauney meshes and especially not for Hexa-dominated meshes. Also no one bothers to put together a complete capability matrix or clean out different options. I guess because it is just too complicated.

You may object that, but even ICEM support people have large problems with such philosophy. Now, if they cannot train their own people about 'endless' possibilities that the software offers, how do they expect that users will master such tool.

I am an engineer, I use ANSYS tools to improve eng. designs, don't have time to play in order to discover possible short cuts.

denizen September 30, 2009 01:27

you right. i recomend you to use the ANSYS Meshing product. This is very easy to use, inuitive user interface and i think they best for tetrahedra+prism.

If you have license to tetra for icem you can try ansys meshing for free (it is promo).


flattie October 27, 2009 15:09


Originally Posted by ahorvat (Post 230440)
Recently completed FSI project in ANSYS v.12 and found 10-20 bugs (depends how a bug is qualified). Does anyone think that ANSYS has serious quality issues ?:rolleyes:

Yes. And I would add no clear direction on integrating all the stuff they bought like ICEM, Fluent, etc. They seem to have the strategy to just buy everything up, hope it sticks, and hope their customer base can stand the pain while they decide what to do.

While not CFD-related, i am seriously regretting not evaluating ABAQUS when we switched from NASTRAN. ANSYS Classic especially needs a GUI update. The DOS era look is horrible.

CFX IMO is the bright spot. Good code and easy to use.

flattie October 27, 2009 15:16

I would add poor documentation in ICEM. Also, when you go into the ICEM V12 help and click on tutorials, you get a web link to the customer portal that says they are not available or in progress. This has been the case for months. Not good for a piece of software that costs thousands of dollars. It's enough to possibly be my last ANSYS purchase.

I also deal with multiple ICEM crashes every day and horrid graphics performance (takes over 30 seconds in some cases to blank parts). My ASD basically gave up on correcting that.

I think the WB 2 emphasis will drive away many customers.

ahorvat October 29, 2009 05:57

Guys, I would like to continue this discussion, but at present I cannot. The FSI project, which triggered my comments was for an ANSYS reseller and his license to sell ANSYS products was just revoked because of my comments (yes, I do use my real name although I intentionally avoided to name the ANSYS people involved). I feel obliged to do everything in my power get him through.

pimpa October 29, 2009 12:40


ANSYS CFX does have QA (Class3) Error-Reporting for customers on maintenance (TECS).
Actual bugs are reported, remedies are given. Software version containing first appearance of a bug, version for which bug will be fixed is given as well. Each version of CFX does see roughly some ten bugs uncovered (and older ones fixed).

Did you check the Error-Report's?
Did your bugs coincide with the bugs reported there or where these additional (relevant) bugs ?

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