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Hamid-Reza October 1, 2009 13:44

Delamination modeling
My thesis is entitled delamination. but I still can't model it by ANSYS.
There are some methods presented in papers but they are not step by step guidlines.
I would appreciate if anyone can help me in this regard.

Cheyannne November 4, 2009 03:41

Have you tried using NUMMRG function and gap element(CONTACT element) to simulate that in Ansys?

Hamid-Reza November 4, 2009 15:12

I have never heard of the first method you mentioned, but the contact element I know that we have to use contact element for delaminated areas, but what should we do for undelaminated area. should they be glued?
I would appreciate if you enlighten it in details.
thanks in advance

Cheyannne November 5, 2009 11:38

I meant using 'NUMRG' in ansys to merge the keypoints of the undelaminated volume, and leave the delaminated part out. This way, the lines , areas and volumes that contain these keypoints are automatically glued. Check the 'numrg' properties and you can see how. This worked for me. Hope this can help you in your case.

Good Luck!

Hamid-Reza November 8, 2009 14:06

Great thanks for your contribution.I managed to use NUMMRG. and I finally modeled the delamination.
but As you mentioned, contact element must be used for delaminated part. which contact elements should be used for a delaminated plate?
I create a node component for contact and one component for target area.and then I use contact manager to create contact area. but it is not working.
thanks for your time in advance

Cheyannne November 9, 2009 01:37

For contact element, I am not very familiar yet. You can try CONTA173 and TARGE170 for 3D modeling. But I haven't tried yet. I did a little research on this before but stopped because other issues. Hope to hear some feedback on that.

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