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Cheyannne October 19, 2009 17:06

stress analysis of a rotating beam(wind blade)
I am doing my research of stress analysis for a composite rotating beam. As a beginner, I started to do stress analysis for an isotropic rotating beam first. But I am having a lot of trouble of it.
The gravity have to be considered. As the beam rotates, the contribution of gravity force to the stress varies. The blade is rotating in a vertical plane like a regular wind blade. In the beginning, I tried to simulate it using transient analysis in Ansys, but it didn't work--somehow, the blade can not go through a full revolution.
Then I tried steady static analysis and assume the blade rotates in a constant angular velocity. And changes the direction of gravity force in stead to simulate the blade in different position while rotating. It can be solved, but the bending directions seem wrong. The blade always bend to the oppsite direction of the gravity force. I used 'Acel' to define the gravity acceleration. And accoding to the tutorial of Ansys. The direction of it must be definced in the negative direction of gravity acceleration. I thought the problem might be this. But I was doing according to the Ansys tutorial.
Can anyboby tell me where did I miss? How should I hadle this problem? Any further questions , please let me know. I appreciate your time and patience. Thanks a lot!

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