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dungsidietquy November 4, 2009 20:48

Fluent or CFX or ...
Hi every Ansys' user,

Can you introduce me the model (Multiphase Model) to model 2 phases (liquid and solid particles) and the particles can interaction with the geometry.

+ If the large particles (big diameter) flows pass the narrow channel, they will be trapped or something like this.

+ If the small particles (diameter is smaller than channel), they easily pass the narrow channel.

First time, I used Eulerian Multiphase Model (Fluent's software), but it is not suitable because the diameter of particle just use for numerical calculation the momentum transfer between 2 phases.

So can you show me, which software (Fluent, CFX or another softs) I can use to simulate this case.

I really need your help. Plz

Thank you very much.

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